dear i forgot your name again..

just picking up where i left off..

dear ((your+name+here))
4 September
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thanks rocksteady182 <33

Chad Everette Gilbert is the hottest fucking love

thanks tommy_squeaky <33

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Kathryn is 15. She loves to drive, eat, hangout with friends, and talk to people on the phone or computer. Shes always going over her minutes. She goes out with this kid named Josue. She will graduate in the year 07, she is not on the five year plan. She is addicted to LJ, just like any other LJ whore. She also has no life, and spends her time talking to 7th graders.
Strengths: friendly, talkative, argumentative, smart, hard-Working, reative, a writer, learns easily, has good memory, um. yeh
Weaknesses: hungry, needy, tired, moody, jealous, bitchy, cold
Special Skills: Eating, taking pictures, law, talking, debating, dancing, speaking hebrew//spanish, driving
Weapons: Cell Phone, backpack, pencil, flip flops, chuck taylors, mini skirts, and a giant WISHBEAR
Allies: Sarah, Lauren, Alana, Casey, Kari, Seth, Arian, Welinda, Chantale, Precious, Giba, Minera, Keisha, Jen, and my LJ friends

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